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Hi! Capt'n Ricko here!


The S/V Second Wind is a beautiful and seaworthy 1984 Cal 35 MkII, which was bought in 2011.  And, she’s getting even getting better as we get her ready to go for 2015!


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Since purchasing our Cal 35, in 2011, I have been refitting her for our future voyage, working through one system after another…  I will complete the Long List of Refit Projects and get her ready & “Bluewater Shipshape” for her upcoming World Cruise, by late 2014/early 2015.


And, of course, all work & no play makes Capt'n Ricko a dull skipper - so we'll also do some Channel Islands Cruising during Summer & Fall 2014. Then back to work during the winter of 2014/2015, pulling the mast, replacing & upgrading the rigging, having some additional cruising sails made, and finishing up the Refit by early Spring 2015.


And if all that is accomplished in a timely manner, we'll take the S/V Second Wind for a serious shake-down cruise to San Francisco and the Delta for several months, during summer 2015, returning late summer to get ready to head to Mexico with the Baja HaHa of Oct/Nov 2015...


** Originally, I had planned to take off for Mexico with the Oct/Nov 2014 "Baja HaHa", but Diana (Chief Welfare Officer) will not be ready to depart until Fall 2015 - due to her new job assignment in SoCal. After living far away from the Sunny SoCal waters, she will now be able to get her "Sea-Legs" with some serious local cruising, during 2014 & 2015!


(So we'll throw in that cruise to San Fran - and then be on our way South!)


So, check back from time to time, for new info & entries, on this website - and our especially our S/V Second Wind Facebook Page - as we prepare to change our Latitudes and Attitudes, and follow our dreams...



Fair Winds & Following Seas!


Captain Ricko 



 PS: Some have asked what the "S/V" in S/V Second Wind means... It stands for "Sailing Vessel", and if it was a power boat (that would be "going to the Dark Side" for Capt'n Ricko :-) - it would be "M/V"...


Dec 2013: Our Latest Project - Completed!

Complete Engine & Engine Compartment Refit

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