Landlubber Bobby B.

Landlubber Bobby B has provide much appreciated help to Capt'n Ricko in the Dockside refitting of SV Second Wind.  His help in the install of the Arch and Windlass, as well as use of his shop, his work at a metal shop, and multiple tools, has been important to the refitting effort of Capt'n Ricko.


But... Bobby B is a COMMITTED DIRT DWELLER - although, from time to time, Capt'n Ricko has been able to lure him to Catalina for a short cruise...  IF Lobster was on the Menu!


His commitment to Landlubber Status was solidified by his uncomfortable memories, in the early 80's, on an Infamous Cruise to Catalina with Capt'n Ricko on the 30' Ericson Sloop: "Hotel California", in 40 plus knots of wind, and 6 to 10 foot seas... on a wild and woolley 13 hour ride to Catalina... 

Keeping my Feet, Firmly, on Land...

Bobby B.

NOTE: That 13 hour "Cruise" from Newport to Catalina is normally only 5 hours!