Greetings to All Who Love the Sea:

When I first saw the S/V Second Wind, she was covered in rolls of painters tape and nothing was in its proper place - if indeed it had a place.  After a very full day of cleaning by Chief Welfare Officer, SugarBabe, and myself, under the direction of Capt'n Ricko, we had her ship shape and ready for cruising.


A few days later, I was at the helm motoring out of Newport Harbor toward the Pacific Ocean with Capt'n Ricko readying the sails. Soon came the command, "Cut the engine!" followed by "We're Sailing!"  When we were clear of other vessels, the auto pilot was turned on, an ice cold Corona was placed in my hand, and it was at that very moment that sea entered my bloodstream!


Now I look forward to the morning I awake on the S/V Second Wind, with the Marquesas Islands on the horizon.

Sailor Bobby O

Chief Electrician & Chef

Bobby goes Sailing!