My name is Sean O., or Sean Franklin, or you can call me "Vickburger Sean"! 


That's because I currently live in my favorite town... Vicksburg, MS...


I run the Parts & Service Division of a very famous Honda Dealership, and I love to hang out with all my friends here, when I'm not managing the Parts & Service Departments or selling new Hondas...


Anyway, its been said that I am going to move to Sunny SoCal, or "Cali", as I like to call it...  but I just can't seem to pull myself away from all the Fun & Frivolity here!


So that's why I say... ‎"Ich bin ein Vicksburger!!!"


Fair Winds!


Someday Sailor Sean

News Alert!  ....Vicksburger Sean has Left The Building!


As of Summer, 2013, Sean has traded his prior handle of "Vicksburger Sean" for "SoCal Sean" - having now relocated to Cali...


Although Sean is constantly asking... "Capt'n Ricko, When are you going to get the boat done?!"  Capt'n Ricko has yet to see him show up for "duty"...  So like the "Little red Hen" story (Who will help me bake the bread?)... It may be difficult for "SoCal Sean" to make the transition from "Someday Sailor Sean" to "Sailor Sean O"...      ;-)