They say that about 80% or more of your time cruising, is at anchor...
unless the 'Dirt Dweller' is still not 'exorcised' from you - which puts you at a marina dock! - and more demands on the "Cruising Kitty"!

So good Ground Tackle (& good seamanship skills to use it correctly) is going to be your 'Life Line' when you're not making passages...

On the S/V Second Wind, we've put a lot of thought and research into our Ground Tackle...
With our latest purchase of a 45lb Mantus Galvanized Anchor, we have completed our inventory of anchors - for now. (I'm sure as we cruise, we'll 'pickup' a few 'keepers' - left behind by some unprepared or unlucky cruisers)...

Our Anchor Inventory is as follows:

Click on the colored tabs under each Listing for more Info!

The Rocna 15 - 33lbs - Primary Bow Anchor

with 300' Peerless Acco G40 5/16" High Test Chain

and  200' 1/2" Nylon 3 Strand Line ("Gold Line" from a prior sailboat I owned) *Total 500' rode*

The Mantus 45 - 45lbs - Secondary Bow Anchor & Storm Anchor

Anchor breaks down to store in our lower locker of Port Lazarette for emergency & storm gear

with 50' Peerless Acco G40 5/16" High Test Chain 

and 300' 1/2" 8 Strand plaited anchor line (Buccaneer Brand) *Total 350' Rode*

The Fortress X-23 - 15lbs Alum - Secondary/Storm Bow Anchor

with 30' Peerless Acco G40 5/16" High Test Chain 

and 320' 1/2" 8 Strand plaited anchor line (Buccaneer Brand) *Total 350' Rode* 

The Fortress 'Guardian' X-16 - 7lbs Alum - Stern Anchor

with 40' Peerless Acco G70 1/4" HIGH TENSILE Chain 

and 300' 1/2" 8 Strand plaited anchor line (Buccaneer Brand) *Total 340' Rode* 

Peerless Acco G40 Chain (I use 5/16")

Peerless Acco G70 1/4" Chain (Higher Strength than G40) 

I discovered it from another experienced sailor who is in the marine business (he uses 1/4" G70 with a Fortress anchor to make his stern anchor setup lighter).  I use it only with my Stern/Lunch Hook Fortress G-16 anchor.  There can be issues with any attempts to "re-galvanize" - so do your research!  ...and Unfortunately - Its ONLY available at West Marine, and not even listed in the Peerless Catalog. (I got a significant discount by using a WM Port Supply account of a friend's!)

Buccaneer Brand 8 Strand Plaited Line 

Peerless Marine Peer-Lift Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

An EXCELLENT Book! For Knowledgeable Sailors (or not)! Buy it!