440 Amp Hour House Battery System

Installed in 2012...

Out with the old...

The previous owner had 2 West Marine SeaVolt Gell Batteries - 86AH each (Total = 172AH) - for the House Battery System.  I was looking to get a new larger House System hooked up to Solar Panels and a Wind Generator - and be completely self sufficient...  The above pictures are of the Quarter Berth storage at the Chart Table.  I removed the 2 Gell batteries and removed a wood floor the batteries sat on to reveal a perfect recessed area for up to 3 new batteries, which could now sit lower in the locker, and a smaller area forward of that, which could hold one more battery.

In with the new...

After a considerable amount of research, first leaning toward Trojan Batteries (Practical Sailor's reviews had placed them high on the list), then after further reseach, and several calls and consults with knowledgable people in that industry, I found that Trojan had fallen a bit in several areas (some are now made in China - not the US as before) and was pushed toward LIFELINE Batteries (even at higher prices).  After I was done, I changed my mind, and I am convinced, they are better batteries, especially for my needs.




After measuring to decide how and what to install, I spoke with Andrew at LIFELINE, who put me in touch with Ryan (owner-operator) at COASTAL BATTERIES, a great little company in Costa Mesa, CA.  Ryan absolutely had the BEST prices! Significantly lower than anyone on the web! Even paying CA Tax - its significantly cheaper.



But even better, Ryan gave me better directions than I was aware of on the best type & size to get, namely, 6 Volt batteries, doubling them up to make 12 Volt, which he explained, would provide more power, less weight, and less cost...


So I settled on four 6 Volt - 220AH Lifeline batteries, to make the equivalent of two 220AH batteries - or a 440AH system.


Ryan gave me free "to Dock Delivery" of four LIFELINE Deep Cycle GPL-4CT batteries (6V-220AH) $257.11 each - Total $1028.44 to complete my HOUSE BATTERY BANK SYSTEM 




I also replaced the Battery Bank for the diesel engine with a LIFELINE Marine Starting Battery - a Group 24 - GPL-2400T.