New LED Lighting Systems

All of SV Second Wind's Interior Lighting was replaced with Energy-Saving LED Lighting...

This page details all LED Lighting that was installed for her extensive refit.


Hella EuroLED Touch Series Lights



I bought the White, with second color Blue for night vision (Red or Blue is available).  They also have four lighting levels for both White, and for Blue.  These are fairly new to the market, new technology, with very little battery draw, but not cheap...!


These LED Dome lights are sensational (see video above) and I am thrilled with them!


Once I determined they were the best LEDs for my use, to replace the conventional dome lights in the main salon, I looked around the internet for better pricing (they were $170 plus)!  However, after exhausive internet searches, I found one solitary source with a signicant lower price - $119 each on Amazon - the best deal out there then.


I installed four (4) of them in the main salon with a "momentary switch" which will control all four lights through the four brightness levels, and switch them from white to blue light and back again. The four lights can be set independent of each other - then push the momentary switch - and they jump to attention together!


I also made circles of teak wood to mount them overhead in the cabin - to give room for wiring, and it enhances the look.


White Shroud
Part Number:
2JA 959 951-121
USA: 959 951-121

Black Shroud
Part Number:
2JA 959 951-111
USA: 959 951-111



Pre-wired with 2.5m of 3 core marine cable

Protective System

IP 6K6 6K7


Surface mount

Light Source

White - Single LED / Blue - Multiple LEDs

Power Consumption
White - Less than 4W
Blue - Less than 1.5W

Operating Voltage
Multivolt™ 9-33V DC

Spike protected to +200 volts
Over voltage protected to +200 volts
Reverse polarity protected to -700 volts



NOTE: as of December 2013, I have used them for 2 years... and I highly recommend them!  Using the Momentary Switch, I can control them all - through 4 intensity levels - and switch them all to Blue to White & back.  I can also control them individually, by the 2 touch buttons on each individual LED Light.


Here is a link - Amazon has been the cheapest price I have found, searching all over the web... (the next closest is currently $149 - and $179.99 at West Marine):



Sailor's Solutions Sensibulb Mini Recess LED Light


no image

We used for our Recessed LED Lights in the Quarter Berth ceiling, over the Main Entry Steps, and the overhang at the aft part of the Galley.  Great EFFICIENT Low Draw LEDs with the best WARM color lighting...  I HIGHLY recommend them.


Price: $ 55.00 each


I also recommend their Dimmers... Price: $ 39.95 



There is also a review on the internet which is thorough and gives them an EXCELLENT REVIEW...  Find it here:

Sailors Solutions Sensibulb Recessed dimmable LED Lights:


Dimmers for the Recessed LED Lights:

Sailor's Solutions Flexible Sensibulb LED Chart Light

I used the Sailor Soutions Flexible LED Berth/Chart Light at my Chart Table. It was the best option for a quality LED Flexible Chart Light - and the Sensibulb Sailor Solution LED Lights are the best warm LED Lights I have on board - along with the Alpenglow LED Lights.


Here is a link to the product:


Alpenglow LED Dimmable Reading Lights with Titanium Finish

I chose Alpenglow for their LED Dimmable Titanium Finished Reading Lights. I installed 2 in the main salon, and 2 in the forward V-berth.  

I am very happy with my Alpenglow LED Reading Lights - especially that they are a very durable Brass finish, and dimmable... They are a very high quality LED Light & fixture - I recommend them!


Here is a Link to the product:

SEASENSE by Unified Marine

Seasense LED 7 Dome Lights

I used Seasense LED 7 Dome Lights - a Brass White/Red LED Light in the Head area to go with my new brass faucet fixtures there.  I used Seasense SS White Lights in each of the Hanging Closets.  


I also used many Seasense SS LED Dome Lights - some White - some White/Red combos thoughout the areas of the Engine compartment and under the cockpit and in the Lazarette storage areas.  


That way I installed the White/Red combo LED Dome Lights (for night vision) in those areas where I felt I could utilize them - otherwise I used White only.


And I purchased them mostly from


Seasense 4 Clear Strip Light - (4" with 6 LEDs)

I used Seasense LED Utility Boat Strip Lights inside Galley cabinets, Head cabinets, in the Salon storage areas (behind the seat cushions), etc - where I wanted to hook up several LED lights and have one On/Off Switch in a key location - to control them all.


I bought many, and continued to add more, in various locations thoughout the boat.  Most of them I bought from

Seasense Rail Light 6" LED - (with On/Off Switch)

I used Seasense LED Rail Lights inside cabinets, like under the Head's sink, and in the Galley - in the cabinet under the sink, etc - where I wanted a single light that I could switch on & off easily.  Very reasonable cost and more than adequate light.


I bought 7 from here (were $15 - now much less!):