Timeline: Organizing the Refit

The Following is an orderly approach to important Refit Items that have been accomplished, and need to be accomplished, prior to our Departure Date:    STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION...

Completed Refit Items:


1.   Headliner & Upholstery replacement

2.   Quarter Berth - remove unnecessary and restrictive panels and

      reupholster walls and trim.

3.   Install LED Lighting in Main Salon Headliner, Quarter Berth, Hatch

      Stairs, & Galley. 

4.   Replace cracked plastic main salon hatch inside cover with Custom

      Teak Hatch.

5.   Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in main salon and forward cabin.

6.   Replace Bilge Pump, and install High Water Automatic Switch for it.

7.   Install Engine Hour Meter.

8.   Constuct Teak Console at Chart Table for VHF Radio and Electronics.

9.   Install Fusion AM/FM Stereo-DVD-Ipod system with new Polyplanar

      Compact box Speakers (not priority, but can't leave without tunes!)

10. Replace inoperative Adler Barbour Refrigeration system with upgraded

      (for Tropics) air & water cooled Adler Barbour SuperCold Machine.

11. Build up S/V Second Wind's Resource Library of Books (more to come!)

12. Purchase Blue Water capable Sextant.

13. Research, select, and purchase Windlass.

14. Purchase Pearless Acco 5/16 Hi Test Anchor Chain (275 ft).

15. Purchase Marine Binoculars, and various navigational tools, such as

      handheld KVH Datascope (Digital Compass & Rangefinder), & handheld       Skymate Windmeter (sorely missing in my November Gale encounter).

16. Research and select appropriate mounting system for Solar, Radar, and

      if possible, dingy davits. I selected and purchased Atlantic Towers -

      Arch - for early June '12 delivery.

17. Install new House Battery System, and Engine Battery System:

      Minimum 400 to 500 Amp Hours.  I researched and selected Lifeline

      AGM Batteries from Coastal Batteries of Costa Mesa, CA. The system

      is comprised of 4 - 6 volt - 220AH batteries, wired to provide a 440AH

      12 volt system, with a Lifeline Group 24 AGM Starter battery for the

      engine starter system. The windlass will be wired by #2 cables to the

      House System.

18. Rewire, and Label entire 12 volt DC system, and AC system, and renew

      Charging System.  I hired a Marine Electrician to do this very                   important rewire job.

19. Haulout boat; paint bottom; replace all Thru-Hull fittings; add Thru-hull

      fitting for Adler Barbour Cooling system/Salt water pump for galley;

      diagnose and fix water tankage leak; replace various hoses; secure

      Muffler system; pull prop & prop shaft and repack; replace coupler;

      replace Cutlass Bearing, and various other items on survey.

20. Research and select appropriate Windvane for Self-Steering: I chose

      the Cape Horn Windvane - to be installed in April 2013 by them.


Refit Items to Do List:







  • Bought boat in April 2011
  • Gutted Interior & replaced Headliner & side vinyl coverings with the guidance and hiring of a professional Upholsterer



  • Hauled out at Basin Marine - April 4, 2012
  • After Haulout - proceeded to Rewire boat with a professional Marine Electrician
  • After and during Electrician's Rewire - I started installing LED Lighting in all cabinets and ran them to special Bus Bars and to Small Fuse Boxes mounted on the Engine Compartment's Starboard side wall.
  • Also installed were 7 fixed DC Fans - throughout boat
  • Arch installed (Bob Britton was instrumental in help on this)
  • Starboard side of Arch - Solar Panel installed (but not wired)
  • Radar Self-Leveling Mount was installed (but not wired)
  • Garmin 24HD Radar was installed (but not wired)
  • Garmin 2512


  • April - Cape Horn Windvane installed
  • April - Finished wiring and install of Air Breeze Wind Generator
  • April - Finished wiring of Solar Panel & Control Panel for Wind & Solar
  • Installed Lumitec LED Spotlights on Arch
  • Finished off all interior LED Lights install
  • May trip to Catalina & promptly had small electrical fire
  • Complete Redo of Engine Compartment
  • Complete Redo of Diesel Engine
  • Handcraft Custom Mattress installed in V-Berth
  • Had Clear Plexiglass Wash Boards made
  • Had 2 covers/carriers made for both Wood and Plexiglass Wash Boards
  • Attended Annapolis October Sailboat Show & Seminars
  • Attended Long Beach Strictly Sail Show & Seminars
  • Attended Lee Chesneau's One Day Weather Seminar
  • Installed Outland hatch Covers on all Hatches
  • Aurturo Rubbed out & Buffed Hull; then all Deck & Cockpit
  • Aurturo stripped all exterior Teak wood and coated with 13 coats of Vanish
  • Hans (Fiberglass Repair) made a panel to cover where Engine Control Panel was in Cockpit
  • Hans filled and gelcoated where old Phone plugin had been
  • Hans filled in and gelcoated where old Radar Tower Post had been
  • I removed and fixed Head and reinstalled
  • I installed new SS Water heater
  • I finished off Port Lazarette (strip and paint) and installed new Engine Control Panel (to avoid any water damage at sea)