CP Marine Woodwork

Caesar was a long-time employee of H&L Woodwork Company, which is where I located him.  As the business was in the process of closing, Caesar informed me that he was starting his own company with the help of and blessing of H&L Woodworking.  I was planning on doing some woodworking & cabinetry in the boat, so I waited for him to set up his own shop & company.  

Since that time, Caesar has done some very nice quality work for me, and has shown himself to be a very big help for me for woodwork.  Below are some pictures of the some of the work he has done for me so far...

Contact information for Caesar, owner of CP Marine Woodwork is:

Phone: (310) 538-5528 or Fax us at: (310) 538-5364 

Email: woodwork@cp-marine.com

Or stop by their office at:

17800 S Main Street, Unit 108

Gardena, Ca 90248