Hi Everyone!


Ahoy from SugarBabe!


Well...  that's what Capt'n Ricko calls me... others call me Diana...


I am the Welfare Officer for the S/V Second Wind... That's the position that Capt'n Ricko assigned me...  I'm not completely sure just what that entails...  but Capt'n Ricko explained to me that it involves some cooking, some organizing, fixing sushi - if we catch a nice tuna... basically looking after the Welfare of the crew (read: Capt'n Ricko)!


Capt'n Ricko has been nice enough to send me some youtube videos of ships caught in heavy weather at sea... which has scared me alittle bit... but lately the vids have been about nice island-hopping & beautiful island scenes, so I'm focusing on that...


I got  my initial Sea Trial in 2012 - sailing from Santa Barbara, California - through the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island) - south to Santa Barbara Island, and then south to Catalina Island for "Buccaneer Days at the Isthmus, in Catalina!  What a Blast!


This year I also completed a thorough Sailing Course in Dana Point... and if Capt'n Ricko ever gets the S/V Second Wind finished ( !!! ), I will get some more serious Sea Trials - this year and next year!


I am READY to change my Latitude & Attitude!


So stay tuned for as my training program continues!


Fair Winds!


Sailor-in-Training SugarBabe

Chief Welfare Officer